Dear Hard Working DC:
You can fritter away your hard earned marketing dollars on
boring, Ho Hum, Chiro-blah-blah-blah ads  that make people's
eyes glaze over and keep you INVISIBLE in your community

You can GRAB their Attention like a MAGNET
& Make Your Practice Stand Out from all the Rest

Chirotoon Ads give your marketing Maximum visibility & Impact!

Brimming with positive energy, warmth and fun, this all new series of 24 full-color, eye-catching cartoon ads is designed to grab people's attention instantly and make your practice stand out from all the other DCs in your community. They depict everyday aches & pains and humorous situations that people can relate to, in an unforgettable way. Patients and prospects warm up quickly to the friendly, approachable atmosphere these lively little ads add to your practice -- all the while directing them to the solution to their problem -- YOU! Current patients will love them (and will tell you so)... but even more important, your future patients (the ones who get to know you through these ads) will love them too!

Your license entitles you to exclusive use of your Chirotoon Ads (24 ads in both black & white and color format) in your community to promote your local practice, as often as you wish, in any way you wish! Each ad is individually PERSONALIZED with your name or the name of your practice as part of the cartoon so it looks custom made just for you. No other DC will be able to use Chirotoon ads in your community once you've secured them for your own local market use.

Use your personalized Chirotoon Ads ONLINE:

On your own website

In emails to your patients

On your Facebook page cover & news feed

On Twitter and other social media

On your local TV, newspaper and local business advertising sites

Use your Chirotoon Ads OFFLINE:

As ads in your local newspaper, shopping guides & other media

In your own newsletters and brochures

On the back of your business cards (that will be a cart that people keep!)

On appointment and reminder postcards

On signs, posters and displays in your office or at local health fairs

On handout sheets & flyers

On T-Shirts for your staff (make one day a week a "t-shirt uniform" day)

On refirgerator magnets or coffee mugs (makes a great gift for patients)

Save Big Bucks on your Ads with Chirotoons!

You don't need to spend loads of $$$ on huge display ads to get attention with Chirotoons. They are designed to be run smaller than ordinary display ads in your local newspaper. Take a look at how small the comics are in your local paper. Your Chirotoons just don't need to be big to be noticed - readers can't help but see them! Simply give your newspaper rep the Chirotoon you want to run, have them add your name, address & phone number below the cartoon, and you're good to go. Result: You spend a lot LESS of your hard earned money to reach a  LOT MORE PEOPLE in your community!

License for exclusive, unlimited use in your community
is available on a first come, first served basis
Only $249.

24 PERSONALIZED Chirotoon Ads (Series #4)
in both COLOR and BLACK & WHITE .jpg format on CD
EXCLUSIVE LICENSE for use in your local market area/community
Use both for online and offline marketing
Ad Topics include:
Backache, headache, stress, work injuries, sports injuries, insomnia, lack of energy, seasonal ads and more.

Don't Blow YOUR money on "long-winded-boring-ads-that-look-like-every-other-ad-in-the-paper"...
Several years ago my father, a Chiropractor in Bowling Green KY, asked me to come up with a few "different" ads for his practice. He was tired of the same old same old. So I said I'd give it a shot, and  put together a few simple cartoons for him.

Know what? Those simple little cartoon ads I  drew for him generated more attention and interest than any other advertising he had done in 40 years of practice.

He used the cartoon ads in the local newspaper... posted them on the bulletin board in his waiting room... and even made T-shirts out of them for his staff. Hardly a day went by without comments: "I really like your ads."...  "These are great!"... ‘My kids look for these in the paper."... "They always catch my eye." ... "I showed this one to my boss." ...and my all-time favorite: "You never used to do any advertising, did you?"

Funny thing about that last comment: He'd advertised in the paper for years - using those slick ads and pre-packaged articles you see everywhere - and spent tons of money in the process. But hardly anyone noticed. When it came to advertising, he was the ultimate "invisible marketer" (...because nobody reads those long-winded-boring-ads-that-look-like-every-other-ad-in-the-paper -- except for the Chiropractor running them!)

On the other hand, hardly anyone can skip over these little cartoons. He had more positive comments, feedback, and new patients from those simple cartoon ads than any other advertising he ever did. 

Since that time, I've refined and updated these powerful little cartoons several times – until now they just about jump off the page (or the computer screen), grab the reader by the eyeballs, and holler "WHEN YOU'RE HURTING, I'M THE CHIROPRACTOR FOR YOU!" 

You can't miss them... you can't forget them. Chirotoons work... and now in this new full color series perfect for both on and offline use, they're better than ever!  

-- Jim Erskine, professional cartoonist & creator of Chirotoon Ads

Reserve your PERSONALIZED Chirotoon ads now -- before your buddy (the DC across town) beats you to it...


YES! Please send my PERSONALIZED Chirotoon Ad Marketing package (Series 4) of 24 ads, in both BLACK & WHITE and FULL COLOR format on computer CD (the ads will be supplied in easy to use .jpg format, in both large and small sizes) for just $249. Once my order has been approved and accepted, I understand I will have EXCLUSIVE license to use these ads to promote my own local practice within the market area I designate at the time of purchase.

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Should your market area no longer be available, we will refund your purchase promptly.
Personalization can be either 1) DC's name or 2) Name of your practice.
Once your territory is verified and personalization instructions are received,
your Chirotoon Ad Marketing Package will be shipped to you via Priority Mail.
Please allow 7 days for personalization and delivery of your order.

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Your Chirotoon Ad Marketing Package will be shipped to you via Priority Mail.
Please allow 7 days after we receive your order for personalization and delivery of your order.

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